Yoga Flexer 2.0 is 100% funded on Kickstarter with more time to go! Pre-Order and help us reach our new stretch goal!
Anthony and Janie Kokakis are on Kickstarter to get back into production, make Yoga Flexer improvements and grow their young company. Supporting this campaign will help us live out our dream and continue to provide awesome products to our community. Keep scrolling down this page to learn about Kickstarter and our "stretch goal."
Campaign creators (Anthony and Janie) chose a deadline and a minimum pre-order goal of $10,000. Creators offer cool products and experiences in exchange for the support of their dream by pre-ordering. Your credit/debit card will NOT be charged until AFTER the Kickstarter campaign on May 20th. Backing early in the campaign will give you the lowest price possible (Early Bird Bundle) and give the Yoga Flexer campaign momentum to reach the stretch goal during the campaign. Keep scrolling to learn about the Yoga Flexer 2.0 Travel Gym "Stretch Goal" on Kickstarter.
What is Kickstarter?
Yoga Flexer 2.0 Stretch Goal?
A stretch goal is an additional goal set for the Yoga Flexer 2.0 campaign since we exceeded our initial funding goal ($10,000), and is used to finance another specific aspect of the project that will ultimately benefit every backer of this campaign. Find out what our stretch goal is by clicking the button below!
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